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A happy tree bears good fruit.
Our employees have selected skills.

Producing and successfully selling natural products needs as well as a substantial knowhow, primarily a high share of idealism. Planting, upbringing, maintenance and harvest demand great care and attention. It is not advisable to rely solely on grown routine.

All our employees share one aim, to offer products of prime quality only. This is the foundation of the relationship based on trust we enjoy with our customers. Whether cultivation of blueberries or oranges, or oyster farming: each of our products needs a lot of expert knowledge and therefore asks for prudent attention by our experienced stuff.

Clemens Dittmeyer helps all colleagues with words and deeds at all times - from our head office in Hamburg and on a regular basis also directly from our plantations.
Felix Koschnick and José-Maria Ramirez are in charge of on-the-spot support on our plantations. With their distinct knowhow and long lasting experience both play a leading part in our successful blueberry-engagement at home and abroad.

The overall control and coordination of all Spanish plantations is done by Juan Parias, in best practise since many years. He is also liable for the professional controllership of the Spanish citric plantations, which prosper due to his comprehensive agricultural competence. Talking of our plantations means talking of our seasonal workers, who gladly return every year. The picking with such a high number of seasonal workers remains a challenge logisticwise. For Spain we committed this to Manuel Francisco responsible both for harvest and human resourses planning. He is the one with the general survey. Ewelina Kuch coaches all seasonal workers on the French and German plantations.

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Our seafood – the only German oyster – grows on the isle of Sylt. With lots of enthusiasm and great affection for nature, Bine Pöhner and her team are in charge of the upbringing and marketing of the SYLTER ROYAL. In order to keep up the oysters good reputation, our fishermen intensely care for the ,shellfish’. They have to struggle with the elements as well as the tides on Sylt. After a three year maturity, the oysters land where they are intended to, on the palate of a connoisseur.