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Our name made history.
There is a lot more to come.

The beginning of our company history dates back more than half a century. During this long period of time there were numerous successes but setbacks too. Overall a good name combined with high reliability has been created. It is of course one of our key concerns that it will continue in the future.

The company’s publicity is due to his founder Rolf H. Dittmeyer, who established together with Edeka-Fruchtkontor, a purchase organisation for the German food trade between 1955 and 1959. Initially this had nothing to do with crop growing but was focused on the production of fruit juices.

Dittmeyer produced citric juices in Kenitra ( Morocco) and in Southafrica from 1960 onwards. Our famous brand ,Valensina’ saw the light of day in 1966 and in 1978 the likewise popular fruit nectar ,Punica’ came on the market. Our juice brands were sold to Procter & Gamble in 1984. In 1980 we started to stock our first orange plantation in Spain.

The company changed hands to Clemens Dittmeyer. Out of the first plantings in Spain developed the biggest and most beautiful orange plantations within Europe. The cultivation of blueberries was added, which enjoyed a growing demand. Our plantations in Germany (organic production), France and Spain produce fruit for the entire European market.

Being a traditional business establishment in Hamburg we have a strong commitment with Northern Germany and the coastal regions, especially to the isle of Sylt and the North Sea – a reason for the operation of a prosperous oyster farm (www.sylter-royal.de) alongside the cultivation of fresh fruit.

Luftbild Isla


 start of the citric plantation ,Aya del Marquesado’ in Ayamonte, Spain


start of oyster farm ,Dittmeyer’s Austern-Compagnie’ on the isle of Sylt, as well as start of blueberry plantation ,BioBlaubeerhof’ in Worpswede, near Bremen


start of blueberry plantation ,Les Auqueyres’ in Les Landes, France


start of blueberry plantation ,Ana de Mimbrales’ in El Rocio, Spain


formation of ,Dittmeyer’s Frucht-Plantagen’ as a holding company in Hamburg


start of blueberry plantations ,Paulina’ and ,Carlita’ in Ayamonte, Spain